Texas Tech Saga

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Normally, we comment and blog about all things Chicago sports. But we had to pass this information along.

A reliable inside source from Dallas has just informed StateStreetSports that Adam James caused all this trouble in Texas Tech because he wanted to transfer to his Dad’s alma mater Southern Methodist University. If true, the trouble seems senseless as it has caused a man to lose his job over allegations of abuse.


Happy New Year!

StateStreetSports would like to wish our wonderful followers a safe and healthy New Year. We will be back next week with our 2010 predictions.  We look forward to a fantastic 2010 that will include us opening up a new website, and much much more!!

Missing piece of the puzzle

StateStreetSports has learned that Jim Thome was supposedly in Detroit in the last few days.  We don’t believe he has any interest in a summer share in South Haven, so he probably is talking to the Tigers.  That made us think about the White Sox offseason.  In general, we believe they have done a very good job of filling various needed pieces to their roster.  Our biggest concern is their lack of DH, which for years has been a wonderful source of power in their lineup.  The media had us believing that the White Sox were close to signing Hideki Matsui. As we predicted during the winter meetings, this did not end up happening.   A move for Nick Johnson would have been nice, but he does not have the overwhelming power that this lineup needs.  There are a few interesting names still on the market(assuming KW doesnt trade for a DH).  We believe that Kenny Williams will wait until right before spring training and take a chance on an aging veteran.  The biggest name that is still available is Jermaine Dye.  We are actually bewildered that no one has looked at him thus far.  Does the former World Series MVP come back to Chicago as strictly a DH?

Here is a list of interesting names on the free agent market.  We will list the player along with their career numbers at US Cellular Field. (Games, B.A, Homers, OBP, OPS

Carlos Delgado 42, .246, 5, .364, .758

Xavier Nady 2 games…no hits

Aubrey Huff 24, .305, 4, .347, .852

Miguel Tejada 38, .250, 4, .297, .714

Vlad Guerrero 26, .310, 7, .372, .992

Russell Branyan 3, .417, 0, .462, 1.045

Adam LaRoche 3, .182, 0, .250, .523

If the White Sox plan to use this man as their DH in 2010, fans will be less than happy.

Funny Clip about new TSA Regulations

Legion Leaves Tribe

ChicagoTribune.com – When Illinois opens Big Ten play against Northwestern on Wednesday night, it will do so without highly touted transfer Alex Legion, who has left the program.

“I talked to him about it last week before he left, and he just kind of felt he needed to do it,” coach Bruce Weber said. “I talked to him about different situations, where he could go, what he could do — stay here, go, whatever. He’s a good kid, he had a difficult situation, and you feel bad for him. I just hope the next situation ends up working out for him.”

Legion came to Illinois after leaving Kentucky nearly two years ago. He sat out the spring and fall semesters in 2008 before becoming eligible to play last December. He played in 22 games and averaged 3.5 points and 11.1 minutes per game.

Legion entered this season hoping to start. He did for just one game and saw his playing time dramatically dip. Freshmen Brandon Paul and D.J. Richardson earned starting spots ahead of Legion, and he suffered from what Weber called a lack of confidence earlier this season.

As a result, when Weber has turned to his bench, Legion has often stayed there. He has averaged just 9.9 minutes and 2.7 points per game this season.

“I didn’t think he was unhappy,” forward Mike Davis said. “I mean, he was happy. On the court, in practice, he was in the gym, working still.

“At home, you didn’t see any signs of sadness or anything like that. I was surprised when I heard the news. I wish him well.”

With senior Dominique Keller coming off the bench and a highly-touted recruiting class coming in, Legion could have remained lost in the mix next season as well.

“We’re going to miss him,” center Mike Tisdale said. “He worked his butt off in the summer, and he just kind of got in a slump and it didn’t work out for him, and I wish him well.”

His decision to transfer a second time leaves him with a few options regarding his future.

According to an Illinois spokesman, if Legion sits out one semester, he can play one full year at an NAIA school. If he sits out a calendar year, he can play one semester at a Division I or Division II school. If he sits out three semesters, he can have a full year of eligibility at a D-I or D-II school.

This has to be kind of a relief to Illini fans.  Legion wasn’t playing, and when he did play he was the only player to average more shots per game than minutes played.  Legion had so much potential (still does) to become a great college player.  Maybe a change to a smaller school where he can be the centerpiece of team will be a better fit for him, where as high profile schools have not been the best.

We don’t claim to be doctors, but one wonders if Legion came down with Ligyrophobia due to the continuous shrieking.  What are the odds his next coach sounds like James Earl Jones?

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The REAL Situation

We here at StateStreetSports make no attempts to hide the fact that we love the Jersey Shore.  It may go down as the worst tv show in the history of mankind, but we still wouldn’t miss a week.  Start the countdown, because we got a feeling their 15 minutes may be expiring soon, much to our disappointment.

Gruden Loves Favre…and Bears Win (not a typo)

brett favre

Help...I've fallen and I can't get up.

So the Bears actually show up on gameday and look and play like a real football team…weird we know.  It was a nice win, but doesn’t make up for the misreable season they have put us all through.  We could talk about Tommie Harris playing like he should, Cutler throwing 4 TDs to only one pick, Hunter’s forced fumble, Robbie’s missed FG, or Aromashadu stepping up.  But we aren’t going to, because this game was a mirage, an apparition, an oasis in the desert.  Fact is the Bears won’t be better next year until major changes are made.

Instead, what’s going on with Jon Gruden’s undying love for Brett Favre.  We know they were both in Green Bay, but show some professional broadcasting tact Jon and try not being so biased.  As my colleague phrased it, it was like Dickie V calling a Duke game and kissing Greg Paulus’ butt the whole game.  Every time Favre got knocked down, you could sense that Gruden wanted to run down to the field and pick him up (he didn’t have to as the ref kept helping Favre).  We’re sure if there was a camera in the locker room we would have seen Gruden icing Favre and bringing him cough drops from being in the cold all night.

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