Another Elbow from Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins has thrown an elbow in 3 straight games now.  He has also been rumored to have thrown one at a South Carolina fan.

Happy Weekend!

I see visions of multi record deals, movie contracts and sold out auditoriums.  This guy and the Zambrano kid could be the Simon and Garfunkel of the 21st Century….or not



Not really sure what planet this guy is from.  But Zambrano should definitely think about getting a restraining order ASAP against this guy.  In fact, the whole Cubs roster should think about doing the same just to be safe.  Let’s go one more step further and post his picture at Wrigley and make sure the Cubs never let him take one step into the Friendly Confines so we can protect ourselves next time we go to a game.  Public safety is no laughing matter.  The ultimate question is how does one think about cereal when looking at Carlos Zambano?

Detroit “Rock” City

Freudian Slip…..You be the judge.

Way “Over the Top”

What exactly are the rules of extreme arm wrestling?  Isn’t the point to pin your opponent’s arm?  They totally get away from the arm wrestling part and just start throwing hay-makers.  Punches to the face are allowed, but kicking isn’t?  Where is the line drawn?  I have a lot of questions about this sport. If anyone knows about the rules, please let us know.

Call me old fashioned but this is what I think of when arm wrestling is mentioned.

over the top

Congrats Derrick Rose

I was very happy to hear that the NBA was kind enough to allow Derrick Rose to be a member of the All Star Team.  It is atrocious to believe that the last All Star for the Bulls was Michael Jordan. It has been a long and arduous process since the Bulls dynasty broke up.  Derrick Rose is the perfect player to build a team around.  The combination of Joakim Noah and Rose is a great starting point.  It is now imperative that Gar Foreman makes a move for a star player.  By the way, does Gar Forman actually exist, I don’t think I have ever seen him.  Is he a distant member of the Dharma initiative who keeps traveling through time……hmmmm.