Hawks Induce Panic

So the Hawks lost 2 in row this weekend.  Relax Chicago.  They still have the best record in the West.  Hopefully with a break until Thursday, Hossa and the rest can heal up a little bit and return strong against Columbus.  But really, we should be ecstatic that we even get this way after 2 losses.  The Bears lost 6 in a row this year and everyone just shrugged their shoulders.


One Response

  1. I will definitely not go into a tailspin over this. I think it was actually a much needed reality check. Remind them that they are great but can be defeated and to not play too cocky. I also had to laugh at your last sentence. Eh- we have next year. Sad but true. The Hawks will continue to dominate so stop sweatin’ it people. Oy!

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