Happy Weekend

The Man, The Myth, The Legend takes us into the weekend….Have a Good Weekend!


Stay Classy Russia

Don’t worry Mr. Russia,  I’m sure no one is watching you cheer a bobsled tipping over going close to 90 mph.  Wait, just the 2 billion that are estimated to be watching the Olympics.

The Sweet Life of Mascots

We are definitely on a mascot kick this week.  That being said, is there anything better than a NBA mascot.  They have such an interesting life: dunking, dancing, eating cheerleaders, and getting kicked in the groin by random kids!

Biggest Loser of the Week

SOUTH BEND , Ind., Feb. 25 (UPI) — Indiana police said they arrested an alleged drunk driver who drove away from a gas station with the nozzle and hose still attached to his vehicle. 

St. Joseph County police said they received calls Monday night about a truck on westbound U.S. 20/U.S. 31 with a gas station hose dangling from the side and striking passing vehicles, the South Bend (Ind.) Tribune reported Thursday.

Officers said the driver, a 46-year-old South Bend man, smelled of alcohol when he was pulled over on Indiana 2 and failed several field sobriety tests before being booked into the St. Joseph County Jail. Police said his blood alcohol content was measured at 0.13 at the jail, well over the 0.08 legal limit for driving.

The man told police he had recently purchased gas from a Speedway station. The hose and nozzle were returned to the business.

It takes a special talent(and a lot of alcohol) to forget your car is attached to a gas pump.  I wonder if this action will cause Indiana to include this in their driving test.

Bears Middle Linebackers

Warning: Song contains offensive grammar (personally I would watch this on mute, as the song is garbage) NSFW!!!!

Let’s be honest Bears fans, all we have is our past!

What the Heck News of the Day

NBCChicago.com – 21st Century Urology in Orland Park hopes to score with a new marketing approach for their vasectomy procedures. They’re asking men to schedule the snippy procedure just before the NCAA Tournament calling it a legit way to “cut” work for March Madness.

“Here’s an excuse for a guy to sit on the couch for up to four days,” Dr. Robert Bonzani tells the SouthtownStar.

Men who schedule vasectomies March 18 or 19 and March 25 or 26, the first two rounds of the NCAA Basketball Tournament will get a free pass out of work and the docs at 21st Century Urology will throw in a free pizza and bag of frozen peas for all patients while they remain benched.

“If they have friends, this is the perfect way they can all hang out together with their peas and pizza,” Dr. Tony Mammen, one of the urologists who set up the campaign tells the Southtown Star.

I give these doctors credit for their marketing technique.  However, whatever happened to old fashion excuses?  The flu and cold probably won’t work and would definitely look suspicious that time of the year.  But what about explosive diarrhea or food poisoning?  No boss will ever question those reasons.  The “perfect way” for all of your friends to hang out together?  Can you imagine some poor guy trying to get his friends to join him?  I imagine it to go something like this:

Guy: “Hey dude, I got a great idea for all of us to get out of work to watch the NCAA tourney”

Friend: “Oh yeah, how?”

Guy: “Yeah, and we would all get free pizzas and vegetables”

Friend: “I’m listening”

Guy: “How do you feel about having kids?”

Friend: “I don’t know, the wifey and I probably will want to have kids sometime”

Guy: “These doctors will give us notes to miss work…if we go get vasectomies”

Guy: “You still there?”

Friend: Silence.

Guy: “It’s totally reversi….”

Friend: Click. (Hangs up phone)

Karma Will Get You Every Time

We featured the antics of the Toronto Raptors’ mascot previously here.  Well it appears karma has finally caught up with this mischievous dinosaur.  Eat a cheerleader and you’re bound to bite it on rollerblades.