Flip Murray Trick Shot

Bulls lose a much-needed game, and the best shot of the night doesn’t count.  Yes, this sounds like the season in a nutshell.


A Hawks Pick Me Up

The Hawks lost their 3rd in a row last night.  I don’t know what’s going on, but it seems as if they have lost their intensity after coming back from the Olympic break.  Sure injuries have been a part of it, but show some passion and drive.  Act like you want to win and stop coasting into the post season.  Maybe this video should be played to remind them of how they were earlier this season.

What the Heck News of the Day


Photo from NBCChicago.com

NBCChicago.com – Rezin Orr Academy football games could be standing-room-only affairs next season.

The Spartans aren’t all that popular, but someone’s been stealing bleachers from the West Side high school.

And not just one or two.

“They took the whole thing, they didn’t leave not one, all we have is the frame,” Alderman Ed Smith, whose district includes Rezin Orr, told WGN.

Smith thinks the bleacher bums are selling the metal for scrap. He says it will take about $50,000 to replace the benches, which were valued at $150,000 when they were installed.

“I want the person who took those bleachers away, I want to see them in jail.  The second thing is, the person who bought those bleachers from the person that took from here, I want that person in jail,” Smith said.

The heists are disappointing to the students, staff and faculty at the school, who just dedicated the field and bleachers this past fall.

“We never really had bleachers.  And at this point, it’s like when you finally get something, and you work so hard to get it, but when you finally get it somebody takes it away from you,” said senior Hakim Pinklyn.

The aluminum-loving thieves starting swiping seats a couple months ago, and the school has been running surveillance cameras since then.  But their efforts have turned up nothing.

Oddly enough, the same thing happened at a school in Michigan in 2008.

What kind of heartless person do you have to be to steal anything from a school?  If they needed aluminum why couldn’t they do what any other self-respecting bum or thief would do and collect cans.  Sure it would take like 1 million cans to equal the amount of aluminum in the bleachers, but at least then the kids could have their stands and the streets would have less litter on them.

P.S. – I feel bad for the school and the students.  If I had 50 grand laying around I would totally give it to them.  But unfortunately for them (and me) I don’t.

Wanted: Head Coach of Men’s Basketball Team

depaul coach job

ESPNChicago.com – There are still plenty of coaches who would be good fits. Siena’s Fran McCaffery, UTEP’s Tony Barbee, Northern Iowa’s Ben Jacobson, New Mexico’s Steve Alford. Baylor’s Scott Drew, the former Valparaiso coach and player, would certainly do well. Ohio coach John Groce should be getting a call from Lenti Ponsetto ASAP. He’s a nationally known recruiter who helped land Evan Turner at Ohio State and has lured high-major talent to Athens. His teams play defense and hit a lot of 3s. After the Bobcats’ blowout win over Georgetown, he’ll be a hot commodity. Maybe someone can convince Butler’s Brad Stevens to make a huge mistake like his predecessor Todd Lickliter and leave his program for DePaul.

But hey, why waste time on these guys with Tom Izzo out there waiting to be wooed? Someone start a rumor.

Now that Steve Lavin has taken the St. John’s job and Tim Floyd has taken the Auburn job, DePaul seems to have fewer and fewer choices.  Might be time to branch out and post the job opening on CareerBuilder.com or Craigslist.  Not sure how many applicants that would even get considering no on campus arena and annual finishes towards the basement in the Big East.  Better start looking toward junior high basketball, high school, and D3 college coaches to fill the vacancy.  Maybe Gene Hackman is available?


Cubs Quiz

sheffield rooftop

Try your knowledge with a Cubs quiz on a bunch of different facts HERE.

The Situation With Alex

This makes perfect sense, Jerry Angelo must have been watching the game and decided that he is viable replacement for Alex Brown.  Look at the body control, the drive and follow through on the tackle.  All Bears fans will be very happy to welcome “random security guard” as our future Defensive End.

What exactly are Jerry Angelo and the Bears upper management thinking?  Why do they continue to put the poor Bears fans through anguish all the time?  They just signed Julius Peppers to a record contract in hopes of becoming a more productive Defense.  Now, they decide it’s a smart decision to trade their most potent pass rusher from last year’s squad. This is a horrible decision, and will not be very well received.   Bears fans are licking their chops at the thought of Peppers drawing a double team, which would leave Brown and Harris more freedom to rush the quarterback.   No offense to Israel Idonije, but you are not a worthy replacement for Brown, he is a better 3rd down option.   I would like to think Mark Anderson is the answer.  However, Anderson is still living in the past when other teams did not have tape on his limited pass rushing moves.   The worst part of this decision is Angelo has not told us what he is targeting for Brown: player or draft pick.

P.S. –  Bears are rumored to be looking at Rob Sims of Seattle

What’s That Smell

SuntimesMEMPHIS, Tenn. — James and Rhonda Sargent thought their room at a Budget Lodge was “stanky and foul.” For good reason, as it turns out. There was a body under the bed.

Police said Sony Millbrook, 29, was reported missing on Jan. 27; the body was found March 15 underneath the bed where the Sargents slept.

Police visited the hotel on Jan. 29 but failed to enter room 222, where Millbrook had been staying with LaKeith Moody. Police were told that the hotel staff said nothing appeared amiss and cleaned the room. It was rented out at least three times since Millbrook was last seen.

Moody was found in Millbrook’s car a few weeks after she vanished. He is in detention on federal charges of being a felon in possession of a gun.

The police are now taking advice on investigations from a Hotel Maid Staff? No offense, but this is the last group of individuals that I want helping on this issue.  They first have to figure out that I need more than two little towels after a shower. Also, more than one roll of toilet paper will be nice for a weekend stay.  Great, another thing that I am going to worry about when I check into a hotel.  I will add this to the list of the actual cleanliness of the  sheets, and what exactly is growing on the comforter?  These cops need to remember their childhood: always check the closet and under the bed for the Boogey Man dead body.