First Weekend of the NCAA Tourney

Lots of upsets, lots of close games…..and one of the greatest upsets in recent tourney history.

Here are a few thoughts on this weekend.

Men who look like this can defeat the top seed in the tournament:

Have no fear fans of Northern Iowa, these men may have a future in the NBA.  Yes, even for the guy with the mutton chops who looks like the missing link.  I provide this man as the reason that overweight, slow, awkward “YMCA pros” have a chance at millions in the NBA.

As much as I love the Northern Iowa story, Cornell is my pick for the team that needs the biggest bandwagon.  They were highly underseeded and given very little respect.  However, they destroyed the two top defensive teams in NCAA basketball.  They now take on John Calipari and Kentucky.  How can you not cheer for this team, check out what they do in their down time.

The national media gave almost no respect to the Big 10.  Most said it was “vastly overrated”. Well, the Big 10 has more Sweet 16 teams than both the Big East and the Big 12.  In fact, Ohio State and Michigan State is starting to look like a wonderful matchup in the elite 8.  Michigan State and Purdue also had miraculous game winnners..GOD I LOVE THIS TOURNAMENT!

Bill Self showed everyone why he is a poor decision maker as a coach. He actually allowed UNI to control the tempo of the game. It does not take a brain surgeon to realize that if he presses them, Kansas wins by 30. This gives you an early chance to recruit more stud recruits who lose to a bunch of mid-level talent.  My bonehead of the first weekend goes to Sherron Collins who decided to not guard Ali Farokhmanesh at the most important time of the game.  Dude could have hit that shot with his eyes closed and people throwing cabbages at his head (he was on fire)!


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