Vancouver Sucks

I guess this is Canadian humor at it’s finest!!  Either way, I completely agree with the message of the clip.  The Blackhawks and Canucks series has to be one of the most anticipated matchups in a long time.  There are a few things that you should be watching in this series:

Will the Canucks revert back to their hair pulling ways?  If they do, and they tug on the golden mullet of Patrick Kane, it may cause mass hysteria with Chicago’s female population.

The ongoing feud between Andrew Ladd and Ryan Kessler:

When the Blackhawks win the series, will Luongo burst into tears again??


Green Men of Vancouver

Not everything about Vancouver Canucks hockey is horrible.  In fact, the Green Men who taunt the opposing penalty box are one of the more entertaining parts of Hockey.  Look, I don’t want Canucks power plays, but I would love to see these guys in action.  However, they may want to tone down the taunting of Duncan Keith!

He’s Back

Yes, our boy is back with a new video.  His first video caused me to stare in disbelief.  This time, he brings the thunder…look at the confidence in those moves!! You keep making videos kid, you’re going to be a star.  However, you may want to look into this for the next clip:

Children’s Show Gone Wrong

I cannot stop laughing at the thought of this actually being a theme song to a show.  Can you imagine trying not to spit out your morning cereal if this jingle came on the TV?  God forbid, your kid asked you how you actually get “the clap”.  Needless to say, that would be a job for Mommy!

Don’t Remember This Team

This is a really cute kid who is trying really hard to enjoy the Chicago White Sox.  Unfortunately, the Chicago White Sox are about as enjoyable as being forced to go to a Romantic Comedy with your wife/girlfriend.  If I were the father, I would quickly use this on my son so he would not remember the 2010 White Sox.

Can Tommy Lee Jones hit the ball out of the infield? If so, sign him up!

Canucks Hate Chelsea Dagger, Prefer Taylor Swift

The Canucks may hate it, but they’re gonna hear it a lot this series.  I always pegged them as Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift fans.  This video is confirmation of that.

Here’s what they like (fast forward to the 1:30 mark to get to the goods):

Lucky Fan, Lucky that He Didn’t Get Mauled

Man, is this redneck Preds fan lucky there was a glass partition (and a game going on) while he was “taunting” Duncan Keith.  He wasn’t even original or funny.  All he did was ask him how much he makes.  We’ve seen before that Predators aren’t the most clever.