Opening Day of Chicago


This is exactly how Cubs fans felt after watching that embarrassing result in Atlanta today.  The Cubs are going to live and die by their defense and pitching.  If today was any indication, they better triple the amount of beer at Wrigley this year.  Carlos Zambrano was just absolutely terrible.  I hope that the weight loss and “change in attitude” is not a foreshadowing.  If this is true, the Cubs need to put the gatorade machine back in the dugout and fire him up.  I am also so happy that the Cubs dished out that whopping bonus for Jeff  Samardzija.  Any chance the Cubs can sell him to the Bears, he is not a major league talent.

White Sox:

Meanwhile, it was all happy news on the South Side today.  Mark Buehrle was dominant, and had one of the nicest defensive plays we will see all year.  The White Sox have a very deep and smarter lineup than last year.  Ozzie Guillen will be allowed to use his national league experience, as they will play lots of small ball.   A pleasant surprise was the ability to take pitches, that led to clutch walks and wild pitches.  Like the Cubs, the White Sox will go as far as their pitching staff takes them.  So far, they are off to a wonderful start.


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