What the Heck (Green Thumb) of the Day


Breitbart– Japan’s bad boy of sumo, the recently-retired grand champion Asashoryu, has found an unlikely new passion: flowers and gardening.  

After an often controversial career wrestling man-mountains, the Mongolian-born fighter is shifting his attention to more delicate pursuits and is headed for Britain’s biggest flower show, a source told AFP on Wednesday.  

Asashoryu, whose real name is Dolgorsuren Dagvadorj, was to take part in next month’s Chelsea Flower Show, working for renowned Japanese gardener Kazuyuki Ishihara, the source said, asking not to be identified.  

The Asashoryu, 29, quit Japan’s ancient sport just weeks ago following reports of a drunken nightclub brawl.  

He and Ishihara have been acquainted for years and “agreed recently to work together at Chelsea” because the former champion wanted to learn about gardening, the source said. “He has dreams of creating forests in Mongolia. 

Ishihara, a three-time gold winner at Chelsea, will present his garden design “Kazahana”, which means “a light snow flurry from a cloudless sky”, at the May 25-29 event, according to the show’s organisers.  

The serene world of gardening would be a change of pace for 147-kilogram (324-pound) behemoth Asashoryu, whose abrasive remarks and behaviour angered Japanese traditionalists who want sumo champions to be societal role models.  

Asashoryu, who won his 25th Emperor’s Cup in January as the third most successful wrestler in sumo history, announced his retirement on February 4 after he came under fire for his alleged drunken nightclub rampage

Good for him to reinvent himself as the Japanese version of  Martha Stewart.  Personally, I have never found gardening to be peaceful or have any form of tranquility.  Actually, I have gardened only once in my life.  I found myself dirty, sweaty, and ended up developing poison ivy in my private areas.  Needless to say, for the good of my social life I haven’t picked up a Hoe or Sprinkler since then.  

Here in America, our bad boy athletes find other ways of blowing off steam.  Some turn to Professional Wrestling while others enjoy the soft melody of a Nickelback Concert.  Inevitably all athletes who had a troubled career will always end up hanging out with this guy: 


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