Classic Flyers v. Blackhawks Fight

There is nothing better than classic hockey fights.  Love the non helmet, cabbage patch kid haircuts!!  From what I have seen the Flyers fans do a better job fighting each other than this player.    I dare the Flyers to try to intimidate Ben Eager and Dustin Byfuglien, they stand no chance.  I don’t even think the Flyers should even show up, Byfuglien has the Midas touch, and no can stop this Raging Bull!  I predict the Blackhawks win the series in 5 (I am giving Philly one game just to be considerate)  Win or lose, the riot happy fans of Philly will most likely turn all “Rocky!”


Bandwagon Blackhawks Anthem

That noise was the “die hard” fans of Chicago falling off their office chairs.  I am one of those die hards, been loyal since birth, hell I almost took a job with the Blackhawks the year after the lock out (that is about as dumb as they come). Unlike most of the diehards, I am very accepting of the new generation of fans.  You do remember there were more fans at the New Trier v. Loyola high school game than most Blackhawks games just 3 years ago.  I mean, we did not even get to see any home games on TV.  The Madhouse on Madison should be open to all Chicagoans whether Diehard or just there to drink and party!!

It is not very difficult to tell who are the die hards and who are the bandwagon fans.  Ask a random fan, who has the best porn moustache in Blackhawks history.  The Die hard fans will say Dirk Graham.  The bandwagon fans will say Coach Quenneville.

If you ask Blackhawks fans about Stephane Matteau: the diehards will say he was a welcome addition for the last trip to the Stanley Cup.  The Bandwagon fans will do a flying stomp of your foot.


How much fun would this be?  I am extremely jealous…there is nothing better in the world than scaring white trash.  This 1 minute clip was funnier than various seasons of his stupid family show.  I still want those hours of my life back for putting up with a show that revolved around mumbling and dogs crapping in a house.  Are we sure this is really Ozzy?  I thought he was declared a vegetable 10 years ago.

What the Heck (Justin Bieber) Video of the Day II

I was really hoping to never again mention or post anything about Baby, a.k.a. Justin Bieber.  It really pains me to do so.  But if this baby keeps making an ass of himself by walking into doors, then my hands are really tied.  I feel obligated to continue to publicize his awkwardness.  What’s going to happen when he hits puberty?  Probably going to be uber-awkward with acne.  Can’t wait.

He’s Back

WARNING: Strong Language

Our favorite Flyers fan is back with another stroke of genius. This guy must be a nut connoisseur, or a nut bounty hunter.  All he talks about is nuts this, nuts that.  I’m not a nut hunter, but if I was, I certainly wouldn’t seek out Halak’s nut for a crusty old glass.  I’d need at least $5,000 plus expenses (hotel, meals, travel, etc.) to even think about it.  I wonder if he keeps jars of nuts in formaldehyde in his house?  Creepy with a capital “C.”

Who Needs a Glove?

Not a lot of things impress me (save for ridiculous eating displays and hot chicks), but I have to admit this was pretty sweet.  This is better than the guy that caught a foul ball while holding a baby.  Bravo good sir, Bravo.  The baseball must give the beer an earthy flavor.  A mix of cowhide, grass, wood, and maybe a hint of string.

Playboy Casting Call

This is why hot girls have it so easy in our society.  They say they like a team, know nothing about that team or any of the players, and dudes will still buy them drinks all night at a bar.  Like most guys, I’m a sucker for a pretty face.  But if that pretty face starts talking nonsense about the Cubs or Bears then I’m out of there like a fat kid chasing an ice cream truck.  Lucky for us here in Chicago, there are copious amounts of pretty girls who know about Chicago sports.  So to those ladies, will you marry talk to me?