Admiration and Alcatraz

I realize this is a dedication clip to the happy off season moments of the Blackhawks, however this is an odd song choice.  One wonders if “Smile” is the correct jingle for a team walking around Alcatraz. Because nothing makes me smile like Alcatraz.  Check out Ladd at the :53 second mark making himself at home.

I am sure Al Capone and Birdman Stroud would just love a bunch of bizarre bearded, mullett wearing hockey players running around one of the most notorious violent prisons in history.  On that note, is it me or does Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane look like they should be generals in the Civil War. Look at the mutton chops!!  It is quite apparent that the Blackhawks respect each other on and off the ice.  How can anyone cheer against this team winning a Stanley Cup?


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