Kaka the Slayer

Fast Forward to 19 second mark.

I decided to try this whole flopping thing today.  At the office, the new employee shook my hand,  I grabbed my eye and threw myself to the ground.  Take that newbie, instant reputation as not a team player!   After that, I took a client to a fancy restaurant for lunch.  When the kind Maitre’D pulled my chair to be seated, I grabbed my nuts and squirmed on the ground for 10 minutes.  Hell ya, free Chocolate Cake baby, you don’t mess with me the Soccer fan.  I finally got home and my wife gave me a kiss to welcome me….instantly grabbed my head and threw myself onto the kitchen table.  End result, she thinks I’m nuts and took the dog and went to her parents for the night!

Go ahead, try flopping and faking injures, and see what it gets you! Long story short, this lego video does an awesome job of making fun of the Kaka incident.  Even the Vuvuzela gets some airtime!


One Response

  1. Soccer players are the kids that weren’t tall enough for real sports and whose Mommies wouldn’t let them play football. A bunch of sissies flopping all over waiting for the ref, which has replaced Mum, to come over and scold the big bad person that grazed them. Look at the NBA, all the floppers and cry babies are the Europeans who grew up watching soccer, i.e Gasol from the Lakers and Dirk N from the Mavs. Grow some balls or platform shoes and man up.

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