Bears and Payton Were Innovators

Who really started using the Wildcat formation?  Arkansas Razorbacks?  No.  Miami Dolphins?  No.  Florida Gators (because Tebow really isn’t a QB)?  No.  How about the 1984 Bears with Sweetness himself taking snaps.  I don’t remember this ever happening.  Of course, back then I couldn’t feed myself and regularly soiled my diapers.  Some of you may not have even been born (damn you and your youth).  It’s kind of a long clip, but totally worth it.  Fast forward to the 8:09 mark to see Mr. Payton throw a TD pass!

How long until Bears training camp?


3 Responses

  1. This is great. Wildcat only lasts a play or two today. It appears Payton played QB for at least 2 minutes straight during this game. Such versatility. That TD pass just after the 8min mark was perfect!! Also love the authoritative run on 4th and 1 by Sweetness around the 4:30 mark!

  2. I haven’t seen such delusion since I last read comments on a Viqueens blog!

    Usually I have a lot of respect for Bears fans because they are loyal and INTELLIGENT for the most part, but what are you two smoking? Back in the early days of the NFL this type of offense was standard, and EVERY YEAR in college football this offense is run in some form or fashion by at least a few teams. Go to any local high school football game in your area and you will see something very similar.

    As far as that “perfect” TD throw by Payton, again I invite you to go to any local high school football game. An average high school quarterback could hit that pass 2 out of 3 attempts. Were you asleep or in the can when he threw that duck that was picked off no less than 15 yards away from his intended receiver? How about that screen pass that was almost picked off by GB’s crippled lineman? This is not taking anything away from Walter; he was one of the greatest to ever play the game at any position and could arguably be the best RB in NFL history, but a perfect passer he is not. At 3:35 in this video it shows his career passing numbers up until that point in the game: Comp-7, Att-22, Yards-233, TD-6, Int-3. BTW, even though parts of this “wildcat” offense were effective if not dominant, I believe it was not dominant enough as that mediocre Packer team won the game 20-14.

    In the interest of full disclosure I live in Milwaukee, WI and I bleed Green and Gold. Don’t use this as an excuse that I am biased in my assessment, or that I’m some kind of troll. I believe that my points were logically made. To prove my point, Favre was my favorite quarterback before he screwed over Green Bay, but I would never have said that he was the best ever. Now that I don’t care for him at all, I can’t take that back. He is one of the greatest ever to play the game, but the best QB ever would be overstating it at least a little bit. That is the difference between logic and emotions. I know the majority of Bears fans are intelligent, so could you guys please comment and show the rest of the NFL fans that all Bears fans are not this retarded?

    PS- I really do appreciate you posting this video. Just post the video without the commentary next time since you seem to attract other idiots with the same level of ignorance.

  3. If I remember correctly, Da Bears had quarterback injuries in that game. Peyton was all that was left, and he put a hurtin’ on my beloved Pack.

    I was excited that Peyton wass playing QB, at least until he ran all over us.

    And they may have played that type of ball “in the day”, but not in the NFL in That day. It was unheard of in that time frame, and the CBS announcers calling the game were as surprised as anyone by Peyton playng behind center.

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