Pat Mannelly, Long Snapper Extraordinaire

Proof of why Mannelly is a captain.  Skill, consistency, leadership all wrapped up in one package.  Although, I would like to see him snap things that aren’t footballs.  Watermelons, bowling balls at windows, rolls of toilet paper on trees, maybe even water balloons at hipsters if there’s time.


Bears and Payton Were Innovators

Who really started using the Wildcat formation?  Arkansas Razorbacks?  No.  Miami Dolphins?  No.  Florida Gators (because Tebow really isn’t a QB)?  No.  How about the 1984 Bears with Sweetness himself taking snaps.  I don’t remember this ever happening.  Of course, back then I couldn’t feed myself and regularly soiled my diapers.  Some of you may not have even been born (damn you and your youth).  It’s kind of a long clip, but totally worth it.  Fast forward to the 8:09 mark to see Mr. Payton throw a TD pass!

How long until Bears training camp?

Greg Olsen No Longer the Best White Rapper on the Bears

Tim Shaw may have just passed G-Reg as the best white rapper on the Bears.  Sure the competition may not be that crowded, and I am not a rap expert, but I think Tim beats Greg.  I would have posted G-Regs rap, but the language is so strong it would be cause for a boss firing their employee if played at work.

Welcome Back Chris Harris

Wow.  I thought I had no life, because blogging on the interweb doesn’t exactly translate to living it up.  But this guy/gal beats me.  Although he/she has inspired me to create a video montage to Patrick Mannelly.  I would definitely use this song, over a clips of him long snapping:

What About Ditka? – The National Football League will make its first run at producing on Broadway with “Lombardi,” a new play about the legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi (right, after winning Super Bowl II in 1968) to be mounted at the Circle in the Square Theater this fall. According to a statement Wednesday from the producers Tony Ponturo, a sports marketing executive, and Fran Kirmser (“Hair”), the N.F.L. has authorized the show’s use of its logos as well as footage and music from its film division. Tracy Perlman, the league’s vice president for entertainment marketing and promotions, said in the statement: “Lombardi’s charisma and coaching style were legendary — and intensely theatrical.” The play is written by Eric Simonson and based on a 1999 biography of Lombardi, “When Pride Still Mattered,” by David Maraniss. Dan Lauria will star as Lombardi; the play, to be directed by Thomas Kail (“In The Heights”), is scheduled to begin previews on Sept. 23 and open on Oct. 21.

I understand that Lombardi is known as the “godfather of coaching”.  I also realize that he is legendary figure who has very famous quotes and a superb life story.  However, I think they should have written a screenplay about the life of Coach Ditka.  There could be so much potential in this script.   C’mon, its DA Coach, I would watch home videos of him eating a T-Bone Steak and mashed potatoes!

I guess Lombardi is ok, just as long as we never, ever, ever see a movie, play, or musical about Brett Favre.  That would cause mass suicides and homicides around the country.

Since we are lucky to have Coach Ditka still alive and rocking, he could even play himself.  Look at these perfect examples of his amazing voice and smooth footwork skills for dancing……

Mad Martz

Lovie and Angelo better hope that Martz can actually liven up the Bears offense or else they may be used for spare parts to create a monster called “Inept-enstein.”

The Situation With Alex

This makes perfect sense, Jerry Angelo must have been watching the game and decided that he is viable replacement for Alex Brown.  Look at the body control, the drive and follow through on the tackle.  All Bears fans will be very happy to welcome “random security guard” as our future Defensive End.

What exactly are Jerry Angelo and the Bears upper management thinking?  Why do they continue to put the poor Bears fans through anguish all the time?  They just signed Julius Peppers to a record contract in hopes of becoming a more productive Defense.  Now, they decide it’s a smart decision to trade their most potent pass rusher from last year’s squad. This is a horrible decision, and will not be very well received.   Bears fans are licking their chops at the thought of Peppers drawing a double team, which would leave Brown and Harris more freedom to rush the quarterback.   No offense to Israel Idonije, but you are not a worthy replacement for Brown, he is a better 3rd down option.   I would like to think Mark Anderson is the answer.  However, Anderson is still living in the past when other teams did not have tape on his limited pass rushing moves.   The worst part of this decision is Angelo has not told us what he is targeting for Brown: player or draft pick.

P.S. –  Bears are rumored to be looking at Rob Sims of Seattle