Zambrano Meltdown

I knew that there was a reason for his breakdown on the South Side.  The media wanted you to believe it was caused by some sort of angst with the team.  Man, I did not think these words were that harsh, I guess Zambrano was very sensitive that day.  C’mon Carlos, you can deal with a stumbling White Sox fan!

This is why I could never be a professional athlete, way too much pressure and taunting. If someone taunted me I would either break down and cry or seek revenge.  If revenge was my answer, I would chuck the ball in hopes of shutting him up.  The problem is I am not a professional athlete.  I would miss the guy, and with my luck probably hit a baby!


Rumble with Pride

Warning: Strong Language

Man, girl on girl action usually is a pleasure to watch.  Take notes Zambrano, this is how you initiate a successful fight!  I thought this was pride fest, this is probably the last place the police thought they would be needed.  I mean so far there are no fights from this year’s Crosstown classic.  Speaking of cops, did it really take them almost a minute to get these 2 rhinos off each other.  Man up, Chicago’s finest.  Although, you’ll never see me pick a fight with these “ladies” or try to stop it.  They would hurt me!

Ozzie and Carlos BFFs?

An old commercial for Pepsi in Venezuela featuring Ozzie and Zambrano.  Maybe our friends who speak Spanish can clue us in as to what they are saying, but here in Chicago it definitely feels like they’re an odd couple.