Pat Mannelly, Long Snapper Extraordinaire

Proof of why Mannelly is a captain.  Skill, consistency, leadership all wrapped up in one package.  Although, I would like to see him snap things that aren’t footballs.  Watermelons, bowling balls at windows, rolls of toilet paper on trees, maybe even water balloons at hipsters if there’s time.


Bears and Payton Were Innovators

Who really started using the Wildcat formation?  Arkansas Razorbacks?  No.  Miami Dolphins?  No.  Florida Gators (because Tebow really isn’t a QB)?  No.  How about the 1984 Bears with Sweetness himself taking snaps.  I don’t remember this ever happening.  Of course, back then I couldn’t feed myself and regularly soiled my diapers.  Some of you may not have even been born (damn you and your youth).  It’s kind of a long clip, but totally worth it.  Fast forward to the 8:09 mark to see Mr. Payton throw a TD pass!

How long until Bears training camp?

Mad Martz

Lovie and Angelo better hope that Martz can actually liven up the Bears offense or else they may be used for spare parts to create a monster called “Inept-enstein.”

Fantastic Friday at Halas Hall?

This is the offseason that all Bears fans dreamt of!  The Bears have come charging out of the Free Agent start line and are in position to have the biggest free agent day in the history of their franchise.

Brad Briggs on Twitter described it like this: In 10 years have not seen an opening 45 minutes to free agency like this for the #Bears. Peppers, Taylor, Manumaleuna all on their way. Wow.

Players visiting are:

Julius Peppers

Chester Taylor

Brandon Manumaleuna

I know a lot off Bears fans were hoping for Antrel Rolle as well.  It appears that he will be signing elsewhere.  There are other talented Safety options that the Bears can fall back on like Darren Sharper, Ryan Clark and Oshiomogho Atogwe. 

Best line of the night goes to Adam Schefter of ESPN on Twitter who said this: Free agent TE Brandon Manumaleuna on his way to Chicago. Bears could have him and WR Devin Aromashodu. Good luck to the play-by-play man.

Bears Middle Linebackers

Warning: Song contains offensive grammar (personally I would watch this on mute, as the song is garbage) NSFW!!!!

Let’s be honest Bears fans, all we have is our past!

New D Coordinator, New Regime

When the Bears promoted Rod Marinelli to Defensive Coordinator, many Bears feared a continuation of the old, boring Cover 2 Defense.  Marinelli started to integrate this drive thru interception method into his basic defensive training.  He believes the players have to earn their living, and they also need to upgrade their straightaway speed.  Marinelli has also been spotted in Chicago, teaching his players the fundamentals of the game, such as wearing a belt.  This player has been a slow learner.

What the Heck News of the Day

seagull and car playing chicken – A chicken playing chicken? That’s what’s happening on a busy Glendale street where a black hen has been dodging cars, captors and coyotes for two months. Officials say the bird has been darting into traffic outside Glendale Community College since it was first reported Nov. 20. The chicken has drawn a growing crowd of photographers and journalists as animal control officers struggle to catch it.

Is this what the Martz/Cutler dynamic is going to be like next year?  Both refusing to back down, going head to head to see who flinches first?  Because if it is, Martz should seriously consider renting a place in Chicagoland given his record of being a tough love type of coach.  Jay isn’t going anywhere and Mike is entirely expendable.  He should expect that being the Bears 6th choice for O.C.