D*#k in a Sock

WARNING: Strong Language

Pretty sure I wouldn’t want to put my junk in any of those dirty White Sox.


Zambrano Meltdown

I knew that there was a reason for his breakdown on the South Side.  The media wanted you to believe it was caused by some sort of angst with the team.  Man, I did not think these words were that harsh, I guess Zambrano was very sensitive that day.  C’mon Carlos, you can deal with a stumbling White Sox fan!

This is why I could never be a professional athlete, way too much pressure and taunting. If someone taunted me I would either break down and cry or seek revenge.  If revenge was my answer, I would chuck the ball in hopes of shutting him up.  The problem is I am not a professional athlete.  I would miss the guy, and with my luck probably hit a baby!

Victoria Secret’s Models Chicago Baseball Fans?

Even though one of us is Cubs fan, and the other a Sox fan, I think we can both agree we would drop our loyalties in a heart beat if it meant being with either one of these ladies.  I don’t even care that their from South Africa and don’t know anything about baseball.  I can teach them.  I’m a good teacher.  So let it be known Candice and Behati, even though you might think I’m out of your league, don’t be too shy to ask about my baseball knowledge.

Cat vs. Rabbit

Had I bet on the outcome of this encounter, I would have lost a lot of money.  Never saw that coming in a million years.  I’m not a cat person, but I found myself feeling sorry for this little guy.  I get the same feeling cat, when I’ve got a stack of files on my desk like the leaning tower of Pisa and the weather outside in Chicago turns from awesome to the beginning of the apocalypse in a minute, while the Cubs are blowing another late game lead.

Chicago Cubs Beer Dude

Very, very impressive.  This dude has to get all the chicks at Wrigley with that move.  I literally never saw him pick up the cup.  It was just “BAM”, and the beer was being poured.  At least this guy adds some flare to the whole beer buying process.  It almost makes it worth $7.50 for a beer.  Almost.  Although, the beer guy might have competition with this guy:

It’s That Time of the Year Again

Welcome to the First Annual BP Crosstown Cup, a horrible idea with an even more horrible sponsor.  Honestly, I cannot even put together an All Star team of players in Chicago this year.  The entire Blackhawks experience has allowed me to avoid the various misfortunes of this season. These include under .500 records, base running mistakes, blown saves, failure to score a man from 3rd with less than 2 outs, the idea of “ozzieball”,and John Grabow. Instead of previewing the game, let’s just watch videos of White Sox and Cubs fans punching each other for no particular reason.

Below, it appears as if it is the same brawl, but different angle:

And here’s one more, because the potential action in the stands this weekend is sure to be way more entertaining that what’s going on the field:

Walk the Plank

What is more painful for Cubs nation?  Watching this video featuring a pink haired human barbie and a pirate that is most likely on the Sex Offender Registry? Or, knowing that you lost to the Pittsburgh Pirates 6 times in one month.  Yes, those Pittsburgh Pirates, the same team where about .01% percent of the country can name more than 3 total players on the roster.