D*#k in a Sock

WARNING: Strong Language

Pretty sure I wouldn’t want to put my junk in any of those dirty White Sox.


Victoria Secret’s Models Chicago Baseball Fans?

Even though one of us is Cubs fan, and the other a Sox fan, I think we can both agree we would drop our loyalties in a heart beat if it meant being with either one of these ladies.  I don’t even care that their from South Africa and don’t know anything about baseball.  I can teach them.  I’m a good teacher.  So let it be known Candice and Behati, even though you might think I’m out of your league, don’t be too shy to ask about my baseball knowledge.

Wake Up White Sox Nation

While the entire city was enjoying the month long alchohol fest known as Stanley Cup Playoffs, the thought of Chicago baseball was just an afterthought.  Personally, the only reason I turned on last week’s Sunday night game was to listen to Joe Morgan rant about how much he thought his s*** didn’t stink and how much he hated the Cubs.  Remember, he has a deep seeded hate for Ryne Sandberg.

This past week, the White Sox have continued to win games and are starting to act like a contender.  I know I am going to hate myself for using the word “contender” in the same sentence as a Chicago team this summer. I don’t want to tease myself and think they have a chance just yet.  They did play the Cubs, Pirates and Nationals.  I think most pony league teams on a good day could beat any of them.

A few weeks ago, the only talk coming out of White Sox camp was battle royales between Kenny and Ozzie, trade possibilities, and excuses for continuing to use Mark Kotsay.  Since then, the hitting is starting to improve, and most importantly the pitching has been almost unbeatable.  In fact, White Sox starters are 9-1 with a 1.97 ERA in their past 12 games.  Even their fifth starter, Freddy Garcia, has won 5 games in a row.  Even Freddy’s sweat valves in his forehead are going down.  Perhaps they put a suction type item in his cap.  If the excess liquid problem in Jake Peavy’s arm (whatever that means) continues to not bother him, this starting rotation is finally taking their places as one of the best in baseball.

The most shocking number on this current streak is they have no homers in 8 games.  This is the same White Sox hitting coach and roster who for the last decade have lived and died by the long ball.  This concept known as “Ozzie Ball” is starting to work well.  The manufacturing and run production is starting to come along.  If super-prospect Dayan Viciedo can bring more power and RBI production to the middle of the order, we may have something on the south side.

Do I think this team can contend(dammit I said it again) in the AL Central, no not really.  However, it is nice to have some pulse in the Chicago baseball world.  Please White Sox, keep winning, I need something to hold me over until Bears training camp

It’s That Time of the Year Again

Welcome to the First Annual BP Crosstown Cup, a horrible idea with an even more horrible sponsor.  Honestly, I cannot even put together an All Star team of players in Chicago this year.  The entire Blackhawks experience has allowed me to avoid the various misfortunes of this season. These include under .500 records, base running mistakes, blown saves, failure to score a man from 3rd with less than 2 outs, the idea of “ozzieball”,and John Grabow. Instead of previewing the game, let’s just watch videos of White Sox and Cubs fans punching each other for no particular reason.

Below, it appears as if it is the same brawl, but different angle:

And here’s one more, because the potential action in the stands this weekend is sure to be way more entertaining that what’s going on the field:

AJ and Barrett Song

This still remains one of the best recent Chicago sports memories.  Anyone know how good Geo Soto’s left hook is?  Be careful, the rapid picture changes in this clip may cause a seizure.

Freeze Frame

Omar and Alexei on a Sox Monday

From Joe Cowley’s blog

GLENDALE, Ariz. – It is no coincidence that the White Sox are having Omar Vizquel team up with Alexei Ramirez in as many drill stations and hitting groups as they can.
It’s about teaching the younger Ramirez how a pro goes about his business.
Even in a reaction drill on Monday, players were punished with pushups for mess-ups. Vizquel mistakes went unseen, but he still volunteered to do pushups afterward, policing himself.
“I expect a lot of things from him,” manager Ozzie Guillen said of Ramirez.
What better way to help Ramirez reach that point than have him shadow Vizquel.
“[Ramirez] should just listen to what Omar is saying,” Guillen said. “He should pick Omar’s mind. Know what position to play [on certain hitters]. When the coaches repeat, repeat, repeat, that’s like going over [your head]. When your teammate can tell you stuff, you grab that a little bit better.”
Guillen reiterated that Ramirez is the starting shortstop even with Vizquel and his 11 Gold Gloves sitting on the bench behind him, but the club won’t have a ton of patience with another slow April from Ramirez. Through his first two major-league seasons, Ramirez is a .184 hitter with one home run in April.

You have to love Joe Cowley’s sense of humor! What a miraculous offseason by Alexei Ramirez, he came back as a nun.  Do nuns kick the ball around in the 9th inning of important ball games also, I hope not.  Vizquel could be one of the most important acquisitions in the offseason.  I believe one of the reasons the White Sox did not win the division last year was their lack of defense.  If Vizquel can be a late inning substitution or help Ramirez with his confidence and ability, this could be a good year on the South Side.